Possibly no one thinks of walking into some tax issue just because of getting married. While getting married and entering a new life is beautiful and full of expectations, no one wants issues to creep into it. While most of us look for loyalty and love, possibly no one ever has focused on tax. But IRS expect you to go the other way just to check the tax records of your would-be spouse. Failing to do so can make you step into hot soup right the moment you get married. The moment you file the taxes as married couple, you will find out if there is any withstanding amount. In fact, you will be responsible for paying off the amount as IRS sees it as a personal liability. But if you haven’t checked it before and now you have a huge amount to pay, you can apply for injured spouse relief.

There are some chances of consideration

Though the spouse is held responsible for paying the tax, there is some exemption as well. If your spouse failed to file proper tax years before the marriage, IRS is ready to consider. It is necessary to sit with a tax professional to learn what to do and what you can expect. Before applying for innocent spouse relief, one need to file joint tax first. When you spouse has hidden the tax from previous year, you can prove to be innocent. If the spouse has tax debts and has hidden it from the partner, there is the chance of getting innocent spouse relief. You will need the expertise of a tax professional who are well aware of the regulation and know how to apply for the relief. Their experience and expertise can help to get the return that you lost due to joint tax filing.