Real estate is defined as land, including the air above it and the ground below it, and any other building or structures. Real estate may also be referred to as realty. Real estate covers residential housing, commercial offices, and trading spaces like shopping complexes, theatres, hotels and restaurants, industrial buildings like factories, and government buildings. 

In big cities like New York, finding the perfect real estate which serves your purpose is a task.

There is already a pre-existing crisis in the realty sector in New York as there is a shortage of building space. New York is one of the most expensive cities in the world owing to its overall popularity, and it houses a large chunk of the population. The only method to counter such a housing crisis is by constructing tall skyscrapers, which would increase the space vertically. Just like the prevalent residential housing crisis, there is also a high demand for Commercial Real estate landing New York.

A Commercial Real Estate (CRE) is essentially a property used strictly for business-related purposes or to provide a working space in contrast to the living space that comprises the residential real estate sector. A commercial real estate is an investment property usually bought or leased to generate profits, by capital gain or simply through rental. This broad bracket of commercial real estate includes office buildings, medical centers, retail stores, malls, hotels, farmlands, garages, and warehouses.

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Commercial Real Estate Is Classified Into Four Main Categories, Depending On Function:

  • Office Space
  • Retail
  • Rental
  • Industrial Use

Office Space May Be Further Categorized Into Three Sub-Classes:

  • Class A buildings represent the best buildings in terms of quality, infrastructure, and location.
  • Class B buildings are relatively older and are not that competitive in pricing. Investors usually target such buildings for restoration.
  • Class C buildings represent the oldest, usually above 20 years of age, located in less prominent locations, and need maintenance.

The need for commercial real estate is pretty common in big cities like New York, which is home to many headquarters of both multinational and indigenous companies. So, let us look at a few commercial real estate services providing companies catering to the critical needs:

Level Group- New York 

Established in 2004, Level Group is a dedicated commercial real estate company. They have excellent client service and are committed to elevating their clients’ expectations. The level group has taken the commercial real estate brokerage industry to another tangent providing exceptional properties at standard prices and at the nominal brokerage. They believe in customer satisfaction and you can Get business loan New York based properties. Level Group believes in “Elevating your life” in the truest sense, as their motto goes. 

Gilbane Development Company  

Gilbane Development Company is a privately-held construction and facility management company that was founded way back in the 1870s. They cater to commercial real estate needs in many places in the US – New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Virginia, to name a few. It is one of the most extensive privately-held construction and real estate development firms. The company has a robust client base and provides exceptional client service. They also have the option of an unsecured business line of credit New York based properties, and there is no need to put up collateral. 

RI Manhattan Realty 

Based in Manhattan, which is the heart of New York, RI, Manhattan Realty provides comprehensive real estate services to investors all across New York. They offer a full-service platform for corporate and institutional clients, both – local and international. They help companies in managing their property space and portfolios. RI Manhattan Realty has also got integrated services which include business loans without any collateral. They focus on consistently developing and expanding their business lines to meet clients’ dynamic needs.

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Prime Manhattan Realty

Prime Manhattan Realty is a full-service commercial real estate brokerage service committed to providing the ideal office space for companies in New York. They claim their brokers to be rental experts with sophisticated knowledge of the market space. Prime Manhattan Realty believes in building a long-term relationship with its clients and provides an unsecured business line of credit with no collateral against it.

Tri-State Commercial Realty

Based in Brooklyn, Tri-State Commercial Realty vouches to provide excellent commercial real estate services by building the ideal office space in New York. They have a vast client base and give the services modest brokerages. They are a dedicated organization providing state-of-the-art offices which would serve as potential headquarters of local and international companies.