Fixed deposit or time deposit accounts are investments with low risk that pay you interest over a set time. There is no need to do anything else to earn this interest. Just put your money in the bank. Imagine it as mold on a piece of bread. Leave it out in the open and it will mold will begin to grow – free.

However, a fixed deposit is a great option for those who have a significant amount of cash lying around and do not want to take the risk of investing it. Fixed deposits are very low-risk ways to build your savings.

You will be glad to hear that fixed rates on deposits are trending up! Fixed deposit rates were hit by Covid-19. If you have been waiting for rates to rise, it is an ideal time to put your money in the bank.

Best Fixed Rate For Singapore

We have compiled the best Singapore dollar fixed deposit rates in attainable deposit amounts.

It is important to note that these are mostly interest rates for promotional purposes that fluctuate monthly, and the bank may change the rates at any time. However, there is an exception to this. DBS fixed deposit rate that is not promotional.

The Bank of Singapore’s interest rate is among the highest among the other available banks with its current promotional offer of 1.5 percent over 15 months (minimum of $25,000.).

What Are The Factors That Affect The Cost Of Credit In Singapore?

Do you wonder what factors affect a loan in Singapore? Rest assured that the financial viability of personal loans is in large part on the interest rate. A higher interest rate could cause more EMIs. Banks and lenders in different locations do not charge identical interest rates for everyone. Many factors influence the decision.

Personal Rates of interest on loans are set in light of the following aspects:


Income is one of the main decisive factors in your credit application. The more money you earn more you earn, the better your chance of getting low personal loan interest rates.

History Of Credit

Before approving the loan, a lender will generally look at the CIBIL score to assess the credit score of your history.

The Reputation Of The Company

Employees working for a reputable organisation are more likely to get a lower interest rate for a personal loan. Banks consider employees of famous companies to have extremely stable jobs and believe that they will make regular payments.

History Of Loan Payments

In addition to your credit score, prior repayment history will also be examined before the time the individual interest rate can be set.

Relationship With Banks

Your experience in opening accounts for savings as well as fixed deposits at your bank has earned you the status of a loyal customer. Your loyalty could create a relationship of trust with your bank that could provide attractive personal loan interest rates.

The Best Savings Account

Do you wonder which is the best savings account in Singapore? Savings accounts are a great opportunity for you can earn interest from your money without the need to take huge risks (as when investing) or give up access to your funds for a long time (as when you deposit fixed funds). Certain accounts let customers earn as high as 3.50 percent plus p.a. in their money, which makes it simple to earn interest with little effort.

There are a variety of savings accounts available in Singapore but each one is specific to a particular kind of customer. The accounts that offer the highest rate of interest tend to be more complex. However, plenty of choices have been made available with fewer requirements and lower risks.